Leaving an established firm to launch your own independent wealth management business can be daunting due to the vast variety of options and key decisions business leaders in transition must make.

Harness our “think tank” of more than 100 years of combined executive leadership experience – knowledge honed from working with hundreds of independent RIAs – delivering you prescriptive guidance, project management and expertise to give you ultimate confidence to make sure your move is done right. With Fusion on your team, you no longer make decisions without representation or stay up at night wondering what questions to ask.

Fusion most importantly gives you back a precious commodity – your time. We handle and drive the project process so you can focus on your clients, your current business, and family.


  • Fee-only and hybrid RIA marketplace intelligence and education
  • Enterprise valuation advice
  • Protocol v. non-protocol transition planning
  • Access to working capital
  • Pro-forma creation and consultation
  • RIA technology assessment
  • Insurance solutions for “fee-only” advisor
  • Hybrid/Broker-Dealer options
  • Custodial selection and proposal negotiations
  • Transition project management