General Questions

Generally speaking, an industry consultant is an industry specialist and can be labeled as “being an expert problem solver for the complex business events and organizational structures.” More specialized management consultants are focused on assisting the organizational leadership with complex scenarios relating to improving overall performance, operations, and/or financial goals.

Fusion Financial Partners is a strategic consulting firm formed by experienced, RIA industry executives to provide service the independent advisor and enterprises that serve the RIA marketplace. It is our mission to support and contribute to the overall growth and success of the independent advisor industry.

Simply put, we are the fusion of RIA launch experts, consultants for advisors in transition, growth coaching, thought leaders, and investment banking into a single entity creating a powerful force representing advisors and connecting advisors to the industry’s best brands.

Our clients benefit in myriad of ways by harnessing our expertise.  We deliver a critical outside eye to a client’s situation, providing opinions, recommendations, and perspectives.  We deliver high-octane horsepower, effectively offering a client access to a highly-skilled full-time team to engage the assignment. We deliver specialized-skills, honed by over 100-years of combined experience working for independent business owners and RIAs.

Bottom line, we offer accountability for results, proven methodologies, and deep industry experience.

Our compensation varies and is customized by a client’s unique needs. Our sources of revenue may include, but not limited to (usually these are mutually exclusive): payment in full by a firm an advisor joins, through project fees related to a specific statement of work, and/or banking transactions (M&A).

We offer complimentary consultation to advisor and enterprise opportunities.  Please contact us via email ( or phone (760-867-0098) so we can schedule time for discussion.

We are committed to working with the best brands in the industry that serve independent advisors.

Our relationships connect across the industry’s leading custodians, strategic platforms, investment bankers, broker-dealers, technology firms, IBD’s, regulatory firms, law practices, technology companies, asset managers, insurance companies, digital media, marketing/PR firms and more for your benefit.

No. We are not an RIA nor Broker-Dealer. Rather, our expansive services are built to match the life-cycle of an advisor. Many advisors view us a key component of their success and engage with us on an on-going basis, effectively created a powerful “membership” experience.

Yes. We serve advisors and enterprises, without geographic bias, across the United States.

We serve independent advisors throughout their lifecycle and can engage at any point in their business strategy: launching as an RIA, through transition to a supported independent model affiliation, growth coach, management consultant, assist with succession planning, and as strategic advisor when raising capital, buying or selling a firm. These business types range from RIAs, breakaway advisors (protocol and non-protocol), independent business owners, private bankers, regional and national enterprises.
Yes! Please contact us via email ( or phone (760-867-0098) so we can learn about your unique situation. Once we have complete understanding of what you are doing, and where you need help, we will determine where we can add value.
Contact us via email ( or phone (760-867-0098). We will enter into a mutual non-disclosure agreement and begin one-on-one, confidential discussions, to learn your objectives and align to your goals.