Fusion’s founder, Mike Papedis, enjoying an evening with his family while beach camping in Carlsbad, CA.

The “lighter side” of Fusion…

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

Just over 18-months ago, our founder, Mike Papedis, made the choice to take a risk – he bet on himself and his vision, and if this picture doesn’t make it clear…he couldn’t be happier.

“Creating Fusion Financial Partners was the best decision I ever made (besides this truck and camper…Kimberly chose the Frenchies!).  Our team works incredibly hard, but we also believe in taking time to be with our loved ones and enjoying everything else that life has to offer… And we are just getting started!”

Fusion believes in independent advisors and entrepreneurs, we exist to support those advisors who think outside the box, who don’t want to be “status quo” and who want to build something. We help advisors make sense of the industry, expertly plan for change and ultimately capture their dreams.

The best part about it? We sit on the same side of the table with them now – as business owners, visionaries and risk-takers.

Come fly with us!

Contact: Megan Hausmann, 760-889-8141, mhausmann@fusionfinancialpartners.com.